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Ron Brown, Former NFL Player & Olympic Athlete – Part 1: CBD & the NFL (5:55)
Ron Brown, Former NFL Player & Olympic Athlete – Part 2:  CBD & the NFL (03:59)
Ron Brown, Former NFL Player & Olympic Athlete – Dosing CBD (03:08)
Dr. Nia Smyrniotis- How to Balance CBD in the Body (04:12)
Dr. Nia Smyrniotis – The Role of CBD in the Body (03:51)

Dr. Nia Smyrniotis – Valuable Information about CBD in the Body (01:25)

Dr. Tom Gionis – Full Length Video (20:22)
Dr. Tom Gionis – Let’s Understand CBD  (03:41)
Dr. Tom Gionis – 5 Key Points on CBD Medicine & Law  (01:08)
Dr. Tom Gionis – Part 1:  The U.S. Government Has a Patent on CBD  (08:52)
Dr. Tom Gionis – Part 2:  What are the States Doing About CBD Enforcement (02:10)
Dr. Tom Gionis – Part 3:  Not All CBD is Alike/What to Look for (01:47) 
Dr. Tom Gionis – Part 4:  Using Plants for Health is Nothing New  (02:08)
Dr. Tom Gionis – Part 5:  We have an Endocannabinoid System in our Bodies  (01:41) 
Dr. Tom Gionis – The Last Chapter/What We Know Now About CBD (02:38)

Additional credits:

Dr. Gionis founded the American University of Sovereign Nations which represented the creation of the First-ever Medical School and First-ever Master of Public Health program to be developed and offered on Native American Sovereign Tribal Land – which was dedicated to improving the education, safety, health and welfare of Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples worldwide.

Dr. Gionis has been a frequent invited Lecturer, for over a decade, in Bioethics, Health Law, Global and Public Health, Human Subject Protections, and International Law, at numerous international United Nations UNESCO seminars worldwide.

Dr. Gionis is a former:

  • Member of the Board of Directors, American Board of Disaster Medicine,
  • Physician Board Examiner for the American Board of Disaster Medicine.
  • He has been recognized as being the youngest individual in the United States to be awarded the M.D. degree at 21 years of age.

Dr. Gionis completed his General Surgical Residency (5 Years) and Cardiovascular Surgery Fellowship (2 Years) at Tulane Medical Center-Charity Hospital (New Orleans) and his Research Fellowship in Emergency Medicine at Harvard University-Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Department of Emergency Medicine Research (Boston).

He taught Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) at Harvard-MGH for over a decade and received his ATLS Instructor Certificate from both Harvard-MGH and the Yale School of Medicine.

In addition, Dr. Gionis has well over 28 years of direct senior-level hospital, healthcare, and physician practice management, and a diverse experience throughout all fields of Medicine, Surgery and Healthcare Administration. He has served at all levels of senior healthcare management, with his expertise being primarily in the fields of healthcare quality assurance, outcomes management, and professional PEER Review analysis.

Dr. Gionis developed the largest stem cell transplant private medical practice in the United States, where he served as both a Principal Investigator and Surgeon-in-Chief.