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Your body. Your dose.

The Dr. Dosed CBD Network can help you achieve optimal health by proper dosing. This group of physicians has developed an online process to make it easy and affordable for you to receive your best CBD dosage recommendation based on your personal health record. Simply click to Make an Appointment. We look forward to helping you.


The Dr. Dosed CBD Network is a group of medical doctors who are committed to providing the highest level of quality and accuracy available to better dose the recommended level of CBD. Each Physician is a member of the American Board of Medical Marijuana Physicians.


It’s Simple:

Step 1 – Click to make an appointment

Step 2 – Watch your email for the link to your short patient questionnaire

Step 3 – Click the telemedicine link from your computer or mobile device at your appointment time and your physician will consult with you LIVE Face-to-Face by video

It’s Affordable:

$99 – flat fee for your 15-minute consultation

It’s Convenient:

No need to drive to a doctor’s office, we bring the office to your home, office or anyplace that’s convenient for you.