The Size of the Marijuana Market

I’d like to give you an overview of the marijuana market. As a medical doctor, I’m not advocating the use of recreational marijuana, nor am I condemning it. I believe that how my patients spend their recreation time is up to their own individual choice. I’m much more concerned with aiding my patients’ health so that they can enjoy their recreational time as healthy, well-functioning human beings.

However, there is a stigma to the use of cannabis and cannabinoids for healing that I am hoping will be greatly dissipated when you, dear reader, begin to understand the enormity of the desire for cannabis from the general public of which you are a member.

Canada, for example, less than a few months after changing their laws to make cannabis legal for use, almost entirely ran out of their crop.

Even todaydispensaries have reduced their hours because they can’t buy enough product to stay open for a full work week.

I don’t know if this is fact or fiction, but I’ve been told that there have been times when cannabis inventory becomes available and will be purchased within minutes.

Canadians, just as an example of the individual demand, want more marijuana than the country seems to be able to produce.

And, stock in companies that are involved with cannabis are exploding. But, I’m a medical doctor. I am not a stock analyst. So, I am telling you all of this is for only one reason:

“Please don’t allow the stigma of using cannabis to prevent you from getting CBD oil, derived from the cannabis plant, to help in the treatment of your medical condition. It’s a very helpful adjunct to good medical care, and I can tell you, without fear of contradiction, that it works.”

Just about a year ago people were having trouble believing that the worldwidecannabis industry could reach revenues of $40 billion yearly. Now, it appears that analysts are predicting that just the Canadian market alone could grow to over $75 billion.

Again, my purpose in providing you with all these interesting facts is singularly for you to understand the size of the market and the number of people who are not afraid to use cannabis for any reason, including recreation.

In summary, I am reminded of the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt during his Inaugural Address in 1932 after defeating Herbert Hoover for the Presidency of the United States, he said: “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.

Please do not let fear of the use of CBD oil, derived from the marijuana plant, prevent you from getting the medical relief that you deserve.

BUT, all CBD oil is not the same.

So how do you know whether you’re buying a good product or nothing more than colored and flavored water? Read my article on which CBD oil to select.

From Nature’s Own Doctor,
Tom Gionis, MD

“Wishing you great health through what Nature provides.”