Taking CBD oil for everyday health is as important as taking vitamins. Vitamin supplementation is no longer a personal choice.

Most Americans are just not getting the nutrients they need from the food that they eat. This is due to a variety of causes. For example, the use of toxins like pesticides to grow the plants we eat can have a limiting factor on our food’s nutritional value. Allowing chickens, fish and livestock to ingest certain toxins to keep them healthy may be a good idea for the animal, but when it is prepared for human consumption, those toxins are too often not burned, boiled or fried away. So, we ingest them, and this causes an internal reaction in humans that is now being understood as perhaps one of the root causes for many diseases from which humans suffer, and even die!

So, we need vitamins to add to our nutritional needs, and in addition we need CBD oil on a daily basis to reduce the inflammation that is caused by us eating foods that contain toxins. We just can’t get around it. You can try to eat a pure organic diet, but that is usually just too much for people to be able to accomplish in their busy workday.

So, is CBD oil the miracle cure that is going to allow us to eat whatever we want and then take a few drops of CBD oil and reverse the effects of internal inflammation and internal oxidation? Probably not.

We still must eat right and to get age-appropriate exercise. And we have to stay away from “the bad stuff.” But, if we’re committed to doing the best we can in that area, then take a vitamin supplement, and get rest and exercise, then taking CBD oil daily is like having a purification system that will keep you healthier. Perhaps healthier than you have ever felt since you were a kid. And, that’s because of one reason, CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory.

We all seem to understand that muscles and joints can become inflamed and cause pain. And yes, CBD oil works well both topically and taken internally for joint pain.

But, CBD oil also works well to eliminate internal inflammation. Our arteries can become inflamed as can vital organs in our body. In fact, as doctors, we have a way to measure the amount of inflammation a patient may have by measuring his/her CRP level with a simple blood test. C-reactive protein (CRP) is a substance produced by the liver in response to inflammation. Once this is detected, I almost always recommend CBD oil as part of a treatment regimen.

BUT, all CBD oil is not the same.

So how do you know whether you’re buying a good product or nothing more than colored and flavored water? Read my article on which CBD oil to select.

From Nature’s Own Doctor,
Tom Gionis, MD

“Wishing you great health through what Nature provides.”