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CBD oil is not a fad. It’s nothing new.

  • Here’s one of the Best-Kept-Secrets in medicine. It’s so secret that many doctors know little to nothing about it. And those who do know something, only know that it exists. Beyond that, most of these doctors have no training about it.
  • There are no courses being taught to doctors on this subject, and yet this is something that began being recognized over 30 years ago that could have revolutionized medicine back then, but it was kept within the walls of highly secure research labs and some top Medical Schools for the past 3 DECADES! and never delivered to the rank-and-file medical community.
  • This is something that an overwhelming 90% of the general public have never even heard about.


  • Scientists have been studying how the cannabis plant effects the human body for quite some time.
  • In 1988, at the St. Louis School of Medicine, Scientists discovered that our brains have “Receptors” that respond to compounds found in the cannabis plant.
  • These “Receptors” named cannabinoids turned out to be THE MOST ABUNDANT TYPE OF NEUROTRANSMITTERS IN THE BRAIN.
  • So how did these abundant Cannabinoid Receptors get missed? Or did they?


  • In 1992, as gene sequencing was becoming more useful, Scientists discovered another second cannabinoid receptor, and a third, fourth, fifth & sixth cannabinoid receptor.
  • One of the cannabinoid receptors discovered is present throughout our IMMUNE SYSTEM and our PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.
  • This means that Scientists are now confident that CBD is influential in supporting our Immune System, even if they are not sure exactly how.


As a result of their pursuit to find out how these internally produced cannabinoid receptors actually work in the human body, Scientists uncovered the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT INTERNAL SYSTEM THAT WE HAVE IN OUR BODIES.

Our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) aids in keeping our:

  • internal organs balanced,
  • our mood balanced,
  • our immunity system balanced,
  • and most directly effects our overall health and well-being.


Let’s put this all together:

  1. Humans (actually every mammal) have an internal system of receptors that are present in every major
    organ of our bodies called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS.
  2. Our ECS helps to regulate everything from our mood, to inflammation in joints, to our immunity against
    virus and bacteria.
  3. Our bodies make CBD, and we call them endo-cannabinoids (endo meaning inside).
  4. Sometimes we are deficient in making endocannabinoids, so CBD supplements are helpful.

Congratulations…You now know more than most people and many doctors about the very important ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM (ECS)

Why is CBD more effective than Vitamin C?

It’s as simple as A.B.C.

A. Each of us has an Endocannibinoid System (ECS) in every major organ of our bodies. Our Bodies make CBD! Our ECS is made up of cells we call “Receptors” that aid in all important bodily functions, including our Immune System.

B.  These receptors act to protect us from almost all illnesses.  They prevent inflammation & protect our immunity.  If there aren’t enough, and our body can’t make more, then we need to get CBD from EXTERNAL SOURCES.

C.  CBD oil is one of the BEST external sources.


Acts like a group of well-trained people to guard all the important organs of our body including both our Immune System and our Peripheral Nervous System.

BUT not just any CBD oil.  It’s important that the CBD you choose has these KEY certifications.

Nature’s Own Doctor CBD Oil meets these criteria AND is the only one on the market that is Physician Reviewed.

That means a Medical Doctor has held our product to the strictest guidelines and uses it on his own patients with good results.


Why take a chance with your health?

Look at what national and global organizations are saying:

The World Health Organization (WHO) Noted 17 specific medical conditions that are benefited by an anti-inflammatory such as CBD.

Nature’s Own Doctor CBD Oil is…

Third Party Tested: We bring in a properly credentialled group to test our CBD oil to make sure that we live up to our claim of quality and purity. We don’t rely on just testing it ourselves. This gives you the added assurance that Nature’s Own Doctor CBD Oil is the safest and best product on the market today.
Watch Karen demonstrate how simple it is to use:
Just place one full dropper under your tongue once a day.


We’re Nature’s Own Doctor CBD oil is non-GMO, has no heavy metals produced during our process of making it, and we are all natural…so we’re naturally  better.

Let’s face it…On-line sales sites are plentiful. There are lots of cheap and ineffective knock-offs on the market today. They give people like us who provide the public with a higher quality product a bad name.

We don’t offer fake guaranties that are impossible to collect on. We don’t need to, because all our claims are backed up.

And, because we are the only provider of quality CBD products that is not only medically reviewed, but also our doctor actually uses this product on his own patients with great results: We know it works!

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Why take a chance with your health?